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Inmobiliaria en Sitges

Who we are

We are professionals agents in love with our profession and we consider ourselves rich, yes … rich! Because we really work on what we want, we do not need more than helping others to find their dreams. We have the feeling to be  always living on holidays, you know? Do you want too? (Because shhh … we have the key)

For this we provide coverage in Sitges from our small and charming office in the center, which you can consider your home, you will be always welcome.

We offer innovative solutions through market research, digital action campaigns and real estate development. We can make also  your  relocation service if you need … (remember … we have the key.)

Our philosophy is: our exclusives properties as the best properties . As well as our exclusive clients as  special clients .

Under this premise, it allows us to treat each project individually, with personalized attention 7 days / week and thus be able to offer all our experience and contacts, which are available to our exclusive clients.

For us, the most important are the people who make us feel rich!


He was formed like real estate agent worker from  IDEALISTA.COM working on a differents areas like; sales or sale specialist, marketing… now he is part of  one of the most respected groups os real estate agents in Spain API 11935.

franksitges real estate has one of the most exclusive properties on the market. This is due to the philosophy with which Francesc created the company. He knows perfectly the real estate sector in its broadest concept: from the marketing online to making strategic decisions. One of its distinguishing characteristics is the energy that transmits every day to his clients and the constant spirit of improvement.

His objetic is be the best partner of you.

Leila was born in Barcelona. Her first experience in the real estate sector was precisely in franksitges, where working side by side with the team learned everything necessary to succeed in the sector. Leila in her early years defined the current model of real estate consultant, becoming today a key figure and reference within the company. One of the most important functions of Leila is to booking and teach into the clients all the oportunitties that market is offering.